What is Viticell®?

Viticell® is a medical device for performing
an autologous transplantation.


In your case, the autologous transplantation or autografting, is a transfer of cells harvested from a normally pigmented skin area to another area of your body (reason for calling it “autograft”) having a pigmentation defect. These cells will take root and multiply in the grafted area and contribute to its re-pigmentation.

Repigmentation should begin to appear within 4 weeks after the intervention. Early signs can take the form of a light brown veil over the treated area. Once healing is achieved, a UV treatment may be considered to allow the fullest possible re-pigmentation.

There are about fifteen studies on re-pigmentation by autologous transplantation. One of the most representative was conducted in 67 patients transplanted and followed for 5 years. Depending on the type of vitiligo, 73% to 84% of the interventions resulted in a re-pigmentation rated as “excellent” (that is to say greater than 95%), maintained for 5 years after intervention1.


VITICELL® is a kit for preparation of a cell suspension. This medical device is a regulated health product that bears the CE mark as per the legislation. Class III Medical Device (CE0344). Read carefully the leaflet or ask your doctor for advice.
Manufacturer: Laboratoires Genévrier.

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